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Base Camp

Welcome to the Base Camp. Here you will learn the basic beliefs of the Church of God (7th Day) on salvation, Jesus, the Bible, and living a christian life. Base Camp contains what Peter refers to as "the sincere milk of the word" [1 Peter 2:2].

Click on the links below to learn more about each of these subjects.

Bible and Religion

What is the Bible and what does it contain?

Who is God?

Who is Jesus and what does His life mean for me today?

Who or what is the Holy Spirit?

What does the Bible say about Satan and what affect does he have on the world today?

Who or what are Angels?

Christian Life

What are the keys to receiving salvation?

How does one lead a Christian life?

What is prayer and why should we pray?

Church of God

What is the Church of God (7th Day)?

How do I become a member of the Church of God (7th Day)?

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