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Sabbath School Lessons

Sabbath School Lesson

Current Quarterly 2024




    Since the Apostle Paul plays such a significant role in the Church, it seemed like a good idea to follow him through the various churches. While all of his teachings are important, we are highlighting only some of his thoughts. Paul shows himself to have a strong character, both before his conversion and long after. If we were choosing someone to be on our team, Paul should be our pick. He shows tenacity and strength during great adversity. He says it well when he writes in I Corinthians 11:1, "Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ."

The Church of God Sabbath School Lessons is a quarterly publication containing study lessons used to deepen our understanding of God's word.  


The Church of God Sabbath School Lessons (USPS No. 560-980) booklets are published quarterly, one month before the beginning of each new quarter by:


The Church of God Publishing House

P O Box 328, Salem, WV 26426-0328.


  • March 1

  • June 1

  • September 1

  • December 1


Click on the links to download copies of the Church of God Sabbath School Lessons.

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The Church of God

Sabbath School Lessons

PO Box 328

Salem, WV 26426-0328.


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